Footy Drill

Drill Packages

Footy Drills have developed drills for coaches at all levels of experience. Whether you are coaching Junior, Youth or Senior Teams, we have a library of drills waiting to be accessed. The Footy Drills App also gives you access to Coaching Tips, Training Templates, Drill Categories, Training Diary and more features to make you a better coach.

Starter Plan

Aimed at Auskick and Junior Coaches or for the coach who just wants to try it out and get a feel for the drills available

5 Credits
Silver Plan

Aimed at a coach who is looking for help with some extra tips and some additional drills to add value to their training sessions

20 Credits
Gold Plan

Aimed at coaches looking to add a large number of drills to their training plans giving them a large suite of drills to choose from

60 Credits
Platinum Plan

Enough Footy Drills for the entire season. Taking pressure off the coach to come up with drills before or during a training session

120 Credits