Footy Drill

About Us

Footy Drills is an App made for footy coaches, by footy coaches. Whether you are a new or experienced coach, the Footy Drills App enables you to prepare and manage your training sessions from the palm of your hand. The App has been created by coaches who have coached at different levels, but had a common experience when it came to finding new drills and being able to organise a weekly training session. By creating the Footy Drills App they hope to help coaches of all ages and experiences to be able to access a wide variety of drills and then introduce those drills to their team in an organised and professional way. These drills will help a first time coach to gain their own skills, but also back them up with professional drills that can be easily relayed to players. For the more experienced coach, the Footy Drills App, helps them to easily and quickly plan a training session and then also look back at the years diary to see what drills the team has already covered.

Using your iPhone or iPad, the Footy Drills App gives you all the information you need to set up your own training calendar, without the need for paper.

The drills on offer are appropriate for all ages and skill levels and have been designed by experienced football coaches. The drills are easy to follow and are in layman's terms. The Footy Drills App understands that coaches need support, so provides comprehensive coaching tips to help you on your coaching journey.